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Your Partners for Endocrine Health

In order to become a patient of our practice, you must have an established relationship with a primary care provider.  If your primary care provider suspects you have a condition which should be assessed by a licensed endocrinologist, then they will refer you to our practice using our patient referral process.  Typically, after a referral has been received, our staff will contact you directly to set up an appointment.  Once you have been established as a patient, you may be scheduled for follow-up appointments depending on your diagnosis and the treatment required.  Our physicians remain in regular contact with your primary care provider and any other designated members of your care team to ensure everyone is kept up to date on your progress.


Q:  Can I refer myself as a patient?

A:  We will only accept self-referrals (i.e. patients that refer themselves) for diabetic patients. In addition, the individual must meet all of the following conditions:


  • Individual must have a previous diagnosis of diabetes from a licensed provider

  • Individual must have an established relationship with a primary care provider or be actively involved in the process of establishing with a primary care provider

  • Individual must have commercial insurance


Q: How do I get an appointment scheduled?
Your primary care provider will send us a referral with your records and test results and we will contact you directly to schedule your appointment date and time.  Approximately five (5) days prior to your appointment, you will receive a text and/or phone call reminding you about your appointment.

Q:  What do I need to do to prepare for the appointment?

A:  Once your appointment has been scheduled, a patient welcome packet will be sent to you via US mail.  You will need to complete all of the forms per the included instructions and bring them with you fully completed when you come in for your scheduled appointment.


Q:  What insurance companies do you accept?


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