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Learning Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

Diabetes is a chronic life-long condition.  While you may see a physician or another healthcare provider several times a year, you are living with your diabetes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  To successfully manage diabetes, you have to be actively involved in monitoring, nutrition, exercise and watching for symptoms of complications. 

The ECET Diabetes Center provides adults with diabetes the latest information on diabetes education, treatment and management so they can benefit from lifelong good health.  Whether you want to better control your blood sugars, eat a healthier diet, avoid complications, or just need a diabetes “tune-up”, the program will provide the information and support you need to be successful.  Our motto is “Learning today for a Healthier Tomorrow”.  Our goal is to help you live a long healthy, active, independent life with diabetes. 


Recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), the education program consists of 9 hours of group class and 1 hour of individual education.  The classes cover 10 core content areas required by the ADA and are taught by diabetes educators and registered dietitians.  Upon completion of the program, follow-up sessions are available.  Most insurances will cover the education program.  Our diabetes program covers these topics and more:

  • Causes of diabetes

  • Controlling blood sugar

  • Pattern Management

  • Prevention and treatment of complications

  • Management of sick days

  • New advances in diabetes treatment

  • Exercise guidelines

  • Meal planning

  • Reading labels

  • Eating out


Diabetes educators will help you learn how to safely insert and use your continuous glucose monitor and how to make appropriate treatment decisions.  CGM graphs your blood sugar for 24 hours around the clock for up to 2 weeks helping in daily treatment decisions.


ECET is a contracted Pump Training Center with Certified Pump Trainers.  We can assist you with starting and maintaining pump therapy.


Registered Dietitians provide both class and individual sessions on nutritionally related topics.  Whether you are interested in healthy eating, carbohydrate counting, weight management, or special nutritional needs, ECET registered dietitians are available to help. 


Those with or without diabetes can attend ECET weight management program.  The program starts with a group class and then either individual or support group sessions monthly to help you achieve your weight loss goal. 


If interested in any education sessions, please call our office or ask at our front desk.

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